Membership is offered to members of IPAT Inc. and persons of good character who have been active porcelain art teachers, students, and artists.

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About IPAT Asia Chapter

IPAT Asia Chapter is a non-profit making organization. It is a member of International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc. founded in the USA in 1958. Its objectives are

  1. Exchange thoughts and ideas, through fellowship, with artists having similar interests.
  2. Organize exhibitions for the purpose of promoting porcelain art, and to raise the level of quality, to stimulate appreciation and interest and to act as a central point for dissemination of information concerning activities in the field of porcelain art.


Fund Raising Project for CIHE

Members contributed 400 porcelain and converted canvas paintings for permanent display as Hallways Gallery and Feature Walls in the campus of Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE). A certificate presentation ceremony was held to celebrate this comprehensive overview of porcelain and canvas paintings.


Porcelain Art for Youth

Through practical work on porcelain painting, secondary school students learn principles and elements of arts and how to appreciate porcelain artworks.


Charity Auction for St. Francis University (First Catholic University in Hong Kong)

Dr Corinna Chan donated 47 porcelain paintings for this course including two painted by students Justin Fung and one by Samson Shiu. Photos show the paintings displayed in the Lam Sing Kam Memorial Library of Caritas Bianchi College of Career in Tseung Kwan O. Building a brand new university is no easy task, needs donors from every parish in Hong Kong and many parts of the world.


IPAT Youth Committee’s children porcelain painting program

At Hong Kong’s Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School

House House House

Souvenir for the CE of HKSAR

Painted by Dr Corinna Siu, Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS) presented this souvenir to Mr Donald Tsang, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The base represents AVS and the bauhinia represents Hong Kong, symbolizing AVS’’s 40 years voluntary service has contributed to the success story of HKSAR.

House House House

Exhibition and charity sale in Bangkok, Thailand

Members are most honored to be invited to exhibit in “An Everlasting Art No 6 Porcelain Painting Exhibition” in Bangkok and to participate in the charity sale.

House House House House House House
House House House House House

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