Artist Profile

Art Qualification
Amateur Artist  IPAT  USA 
Certified Artist & Teacher  IPAT  USA 
IPAT Online Exhibition  USA  2020 
Porcelain Art: Legacy & Inn  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2019 
5th T.O. Lee Porcelain Painting Group Exhibition   HK  2019 
3rd Porcelain Dream Exhibition   HK  2018 
Porcelian Dream Exhibition II  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2014 
Discovery Bay Porcelain Exhibition  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2013 
Porcelain Dream Exhibition  IPAT Asia Chapter, HK  2013 
IPAT Convention  USA  2012 
APA Exhibition II  HK  2010 
APA Convention  HK  2010 
APA Summer Show  HK  2009 
Hong Kong   HK  2007 
Hong Kong  HK  2005 
Silver  Japan  JPAC Convention Competition  2018 
Silver  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2014 
Silver  USA  IPAT Convention Competition  2012 
Overall Best   HK  APA Convention Portrait Class  2010 
Art Experience
Member  IPAT  Present 
VP  IPAT Asia Chapter  Present 
Member   HKPPC   
Art Education
  Jingdezhen, China  Underglaze  2014 
Andreas Knobl  Germany  Tulip & feathers  2013 
Petra Kugelmeier  Germany  Bird & flowers; Meissen Flowers  2013 
Jorg Kugelmeier  Germany  Landscape  2013 
S.M. Li  Hong Kong  Fencai Bird & Flowers  2015; 2013 
Barbara Jensen  USA  Gold Work  2013 
Diddy Yeung  Australia  Poppy; Peony  2012 
Shi Yu Ming  Jingdezhen, China  Chinese traditional painting  2012 
Tatiana Dallest-Agoritsas  Switzerland  Bougainvillea  2012 
Cheri Holder  USA  Venetian Veil  2012 
Peter Faust  Switzerland  Tassel with luster background  2012; 18; 19 
Jiangxi  Jingdezhen, China  Wucai lotus  2011 
Camille Muller  Canada  Use of Gold  2011, 2010, 2009 
Andreas Knobl  Germany  Tilip, Parrot  2011, 2010 
Hong Duc Thanh  Norway  Poppies; Pancies; Landscape  2008; 2009 
Josephine Robinson  Australia  Iris  2007 
Hallways & Feature Wall Gallery  Caritas Institute of Higher Education  Permanent 
Art Publications
Article  Porcelain Art: Teaching & Learning  2019 
Artwork  Porcelain Artist  2015 Vol 55-1 
Illustration artworks  Porcelain Art: Success to IPAT Amateur Artist Certification   2012 
Illustration artworks  Porcelain Art: Success To IPAT Art Appreciation: Techniques Around the World Certification  2012 
Artwork  Posliini Plus  March 2010 
Article  WOCP The China Painter  July/Aug 2008