IPATAC Projects

Our main concern is to teach students techniques to paint on porcelain and at the same time acquire knowledge of elements and principles of art. Our lessons are designed with specific themes and objectives to meet the diverse needs of our students. Through the process we encourage our students to achieve international status as recognized artists and/or teachers. Followings are some of the artworks completed.

About Water


Painting of vases

Use of pen

Multi Techniques

Symmetrical Paintings

Glass beads Theme


Silhouette Paintings

Lace by Pen work and crystals

Jewelries Theme

Crayon Theme

Christmas Theme

- Flowers and borders

Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE) porcelain art program

CIHE established its porcelain painting studio to enable the heritage of porcelain art and education among students and the community. It acts as a platform to facilitate the education on porcelain art, incubate porcelain art masters and to inspire the greater public with passion to engage in this art form which was originated in China some 1800 years ago.

Theme: Modern

Theme: Flowers II

Theme: Flowers

Theme: Butterfly